March 6th - 29th

The Friendly Festival

Travelling Gallery - Spring 2020 Exhibition

Part of the Year of Coasts and Waters featuring three exhibiting artists - Amy Gear, Suzie Eggins and Rhona Muhlebach.


Travelling Gallery’s Spring 2020 exhibition is a group show featuring new work by three young artists based in Scotland. The exhibition is part of the Year of Coasts and Waters.

Amy Gear is an artist based in Shetland. Gear purposefully uses her island location to not only visually inspire her art practice but to understand what it means to be an artist working rurally; this often culminates in artwork that explores the connection between body and land. Gear’s art practice uses many different materials and mediums, from printmaking and works on paper to performance and text.



Suzie Eggins studied at Moray School of Art and is based in Edinburgh. Her beautiful abstract drawings of native wild flowers aim to capture their design and unique character. For the Travelling Gallery exhibition Eggins will produce new drawings exploring the molecular structure of water.



Rhona Mühlebach is a Swiss filmmaker based in Glasgow. Her films bring together traditions, environment and storytelling. Mühlebach is influenced by science and nature documentaries and has used similar techniques in her films, for example diving in Loch Long to capture underwater footage. Although her footage and landscape are used as the backdrop for an imaginative narrative, often told by Mühlebach herself, reminiscent of folklore with imaginative and enjoyable characters.