March 8th - 24th

The Friendly Festival

Outi Smith - Jazz singer & musician

Outi Smith is a spirited singer and pianist currently living in Lochwinnoch. Originally from Finland, she began her musical journey at the tender age of 6 with classical piano studies.

During her time at the Kuopio Music High School she began vocal studies, first classical and then pop/jazz. This is when she fell in love with all things jazz, at the same time exploring her roots through traditional Finnish music and listening to every genre in between. She continued her music studies at the Joensuu Music Conservatoire and then at the Strathclyde University's Applied Music course, graduating in 2011 with BA Honours. In 2015 she gained a Graduate Diploma in Jazz from St Andrews University.

As a songwriter and arranger Outi draws inspiration from both her classical and jazz backgrounds and isn't shy to mix in influences from other genres either. Indeed, she is constantly looking for new sounds, rhythms and ways of expression. As well as writing original pieces for herself, she has arranged a wide range music for small vocal groups and choirs.

Outi is a soulful and impassioned singer. She performs regularly as a soloist as well as with her vocal harmony group.  www.outismith.com

Outi has worked extensively with choirs, as an assistant conductor (Strathclyde Harmonia) and a musical director (Jazz Choir Scotland). Currently she leads a community choir in Bishopton, Singing for Wellbeing - facebook.com/singingforwellbeing

Through her extensive years of vocal studies Outi has been working hard to perfect her own approach to singing, a totally free and relaxed way of finding ones own voice through specific breathing and vocal exercises. She offers private tuition in her home studio.

This Lochwinnoch festival, Outi will be accompanied by an American Jazz pianist Rachel Taylor.