March 8th - 24th

The Friendly Festival

Jeff Zycinski - chaired by Prof Rowena Murray

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My light-hearted and affectionate memoir of my 25 years at the BBC is due to be published at the start of 2019. I describe my childhood love of radio, my first radio jobs at MFR in Inverness and Radio Clyde in Glasgow . I then moved to BBC Scotland. For 12 years I was Head of Radio, commissioning factual, comedy, cultural and drama content for Radio Scotland and working with colleagues at BBC Network Radio in London. I have worked in Glasgow, Inverness, Selkirk and Edinburgh and have made programmes as far afield as Paris and Hollywood. I produced many award-winning programmes and created formats for radio, television and social media. I wrote a daily blog on the BBC website.

I was born in Easterhouse, Glasgow, the seventh son of a Polish sailor who settled in Scotland after the second world war. My first job, after school, was in the pay office at Cardowan Colliery. I studied sociology and psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University and then Journalism at University College, Cardiff.

I moved to Inverness in 2006 but have maintained links with Easterhouse through the GEAR Project at The Bridge Arts Centre. I also enjoy speaking to community groups and media students, illustrating my presentations and workshops with photographs, audio clips and video footage.
About writer's work

I have a particular interest in the future of radio in the digital landscape and the role of broadcasting in linking communities and promoting diversity. I have given talks and workshops on creativity, journalism, comedy and drama. I can also offer advice for anyone considering a career in broadcasting.

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During my time as Head of Radio at BBC Scotland, I wrote an online blog which is still available as archived content.

My comedy play – Stuck – told the story of fictional comedian, Johnny Sellotape. It was broadcast on Radio Scotland a few weeks after I performed as ‘Johhny’ at the Kings Theatre in Glasgow. The Big Issue magazine described Johnny Sellotape as “a genuine, 24-carat, side-splitting, destined for international fame, undiscovered comic genius”. They were wrong.

I performed at the SpeakEasy event at the Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh.