March 8th - 24th

The Friendly Festival

Coro Aretiena (Aracena)

Photos by C Verdier


The City of Aracena choir was founded in March of 1997 as part of the Music School “Ian Murray”. After that time it was made a Cultural Association and performed at various choir meetings in Salamanca in 1999, The Atlantic Festival in Isla Cristina, in Trigueros in Huelva, Ateneo in Seville, on Canal Sur television and they also have performed in the Early Music Festival in Aracena.

In December of 2015, in the Aracena Theatre, the newly reformed Aretiena Choir presented a new style and new repertoire making a “whole world” musical journey. In November of 2016 they performed their new repertoire “Musicals” in a meeting of choirs with the Andres Segovia Choir. The Choir have participated in Handel’s Messiah – a massed choir performance in the Maestranza Theatre in Sevilla sponsored by La Caixa Bank in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In March 2018 they presented their new programme in the ”New Age style” with synthesizers and percussion in the church of Santa Domingo in Aracena.-

The Aracena Choir has had various Directors and presently as the Aretiena Choir have Luis Dueñas as Director in this new and exciting stage in their development.


Luis Dueñas (Linares 1983) studied Piano and Choir Direction. He was the founding member and Director of the Huarte de San Juan Choir in Linares, The Chamber Choir “A piacere”, “Capella Mester” Choir and the San Marcos Choir, Seville.

Since 2007 Luis has worked with the Music School “Ian Murray” as Director of the School from 2013 – 2016 and as Professor of Harmony, Singing, Musical Language and Choir from 2007 to the present day. In July 2018 he was organist and pianist for the Youth Choir of Andalucia-

Since 2008 Luis has been Artistic Director of the nationally famous project – “Crecer Cantando” “Grow Singing”. This project has won prizes in Madrid, represented Spain in the 32 Conference of Education in Music in Glasgow in 2016 and presented their new and innovative programme – a social, cultural and musical project in Cadiz and Seville. Luis has extensively recorded this project.