March 8th - 24th

The Friendly Festival


Nigel Gatherer

Niger Gatherer is a professional musician who has been involved in the performing, teaching, collecting and publishing of Scottish traditional music for thirty years. In 2017 I am to be inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame. I feel I inspire people around the world with an infectious way of transmitting music.

As well as informing people of my teaching activities, my website provides resources for the learning of traditional music, with tunes in various formats, tutorials, articles and downloads. Visiting my on-line store introduces you to the growing catalogue of my books, while the forum allows discussion of music with like-minded enthusiasts.

Nigel has been involved with traditional music for more than thirty years, performing, teaching, collecting and publishing. Born in Edinburgh, his first instrument as a boy was ukulele. He progressed to guitar, then penny whistle. His older brother had a mandolin in the house, and he would sneak shots of it, thus beginning a love affair with all things mandolin.

In 1985 my first book, Songs and Ballads of Dundee, came out to great acclaim. He has since published several more, including a popular set of session tune books. My web site nigelgatherer.com attracts people from all over the world and contains hundreds of tunes and historical information about Scottish folk music.

We have taken the liberty of extracting much of the above from Nigel's own site.